vCISO Services


The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a maestro; weaving tactical and strategic components within the organization’s infrastructure forging a protective net encircling the organization’s treasured informational assets. This is a critical requisite role for any organization with a serious approach to data security. JANUS Associates, with 33 years of leadership and expertise can be trusted to supplement the skills of a Chief Information Security Officer effectively and efficiently. 

JANUS’ vCISO teams provide the proficiency and skill to assess the state of the current security plan and subsequently design and implement a superior master strategy addressing every identifiable technical and business risk. A JANUS vCISO team will provide the following:

    • A team of security consultants comprised of:
      • A dedicated team leader
      • Respective security specialists across multiple disciplines
      • Immediate-term tactical support engineers
      • Long-term strategic planning consultants
    • Assessment and application of appropriate standards and policies
    • Leadership presence with the board and/or senior management
    • A custom security program designed to eradicate vulnerabilities and enhance current strengths
    • Concurrent Dual-path security strategy incorporating
      • Master security plan with identified metrics
      • Tactical security plan for immediate implementation and continued support
    • A plan for Employee security preparedness, awareness, and improvement
    • An appraisal of web exposure and defenses
    • Scheduled meetings to assess measured progress and direction
    • Periodic reporting focused on short and long-term security performance indicators

Maximum security across your entire organization is the ultimate goal of the JANUS team. Seeking to incorporate a culture of security with non-technical language, the JANUS vCISO team operates in close partnership with senior management and the board of directors to establish a superior cyber security defense.

Since 1988, JANUS has established a heralded reputation for service, quality, and flexibility in meeting and exceeding clients’ cyber security needs. Contact JANUS today to explore the benefits of JANUS’ vCISO services.