CIO & CISO Services

When you need to dial back the risk and don’t have enough staff or time

Understanding everything about information security and implementing appropriate solutions requires tremendous amounts of resources in both staff and time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring in professionals to assist you with the heavy lifting? JANUS assists organizations like yours by providing CIO & CISO Services that help you reduce the burden of implementing and managing a comprehensive data security program.

CIO & CISO Services from JANUS can help you fulfill your security requirements and make your entire information security program work more efficiently. We focus on “making it happen” for our clients by supplying them with technical specialists in all services areas along with senior staff that can “drive” the program to meet their needs.

Let us assist you with overall information security process management, compliance requirements, high level program reviews, policy and procedure development and reviews, software patching, tools analysis, security awareness & training, incident response, annual risk assessments, and metrics development.

CIO & CISO Services is a unique a-la-carte cyber security offering. It allows you to shed the day to-day oversight for areas needing your focus when you don’t have the time or staff, and it allows you choose the level and types of services you need. Your JANUS CIO or CISO driver is a fully vetted professional specialized in multiple disciplines, and assigned to your project based on your organization’s specific requirements. You will always be kept in the loop via face-to-face conversations, e-mail communications and phone consultations. Regularly written summaries, reports and timetables will keep you apprised and up to date on the forward motion of your program, and all engagements are managed by a senior leader.

Since 1988, JANUS has built a strong reputation on our ability to listen, our quality of work, and our flexibility in meeting clients’ needs. With our many specific offerings, we can assist you by:

    • Helping you structure your security program
    • Testing your infrastructure when needed
    • Developing and implementing a strategy
    • Managing security vendors
    • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
    • Remediating vulnerabilities