Manufacturing and Critical Infrastructure

Safeguarding manufacturing and critical infrastructure are essential elements of a resilient and secure nation.  As systems become more complex, and fully interconnected, the ability to keep unwanted actors out of your infrastructure has never been more important.

JANUS professionals have decades of experience assisting operators and their IT group’s secure sensitive operations, systems, and data. We continue to work closely with those in all aspects of manufacturing and critical infrastructure including the defense sector, pharmaceuticals, petroleum transport and refiners, public utilities (power generation/distribution, water and gas suppliers), and chemical manufacturing.

JANUS is well-versed in assessing and helping protect all aspects of manufacturing and critical infrastructure systems including SCADA, IoT, NERC, FERC, ISO, and NIST. We can help you minimize the risks of intrusion and takeover or takedown, theft of intellectual property, disruptions to production and loss of productivity or reliability.  Minimizing incidents like these will increase your profitability, enhance your reputation, and help protect your organization from lawsuits and regulatory compliance issues.