Higher Education

Educational institutions face unique challenges in today’s all-connected world. Protecting the integrity and availability of the infrastructure and its data while maintaining an open environment is at the core of these challenges. Multiple locations, wired and wireless connections, regular data, and intellectual property create great challenges for those responsible. Students and faculty coming and going on a regular basis, and systems that may include legacy applications and technologies add to the complexity of your daily operations.

JANUS can help sort out what you have, protect the data and infrastructure, and map a sound and cost-effective strategy for the future. Our subject matter experts can help you with Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, Identity Management, Application Testing, Current/Future State Assessments, and Planning, Road Mapping, Policies and Procedures, Social Engineering, Regulatory Compliance, Security Awareness Training, and Business Resilience Planning and Testing.

Speak with a JANUS education sector professional and let us help you protect your assets, minimize your risks, and achieve your regulatory compliance goals.



Over the decades, JANUS has worked with Nonprofits to achieve their short and long-term IT security and privacy goals. We have worked with some of the finest and best-known entities in the world today. We understand the ongoing challenges that you face. Government scrutiny, regulatory challenges, tightly controlled budgets, and protecting sensitive client and funder information make for a difficult set of responsibilities. It is often a delicate balancing act that takes experienced professionals such as JANUS to help make sense of it all.

Give us a call and let us share our decades of knowledge with you. Together, we can help you protect your data, infrastructure, and your organization’s reputation.