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Affordable Enterprise-Grade Cyber Security for Your Small Business
The Challenge

How best to protect your small business from cyber criminals and nation-state actors without increasing your employee headcount, disrupting your daily operations, and breaking the bank.


The Numbers Speak for Themselves

3 out of 4
small businesses say they don’t have the personnel to address IT security.

of small businesses don’t have a plan in place for reacting to cyber attacks.

of U.S. consumers would not trust a company that falls victim to a security breach with their personal data.

of consumers attribute cyber incidents to a company’s lack of adequate security measures.

on average spent by small businesses to restore normal operations after a successful attack.

of small businesses that are victims of a cyber attack go out of business within six months.

The Answer: JANUS Small Business Complete

JANUS Small Business Complete is a full suite of affordable cyber security services designed to enhance your security posture and performed by JANUS Associates, the preeminent and longest continuously operating cyber security firm in the nation.

Small Business Complete simplifies your cyber security challenges with monthly, manageable steps. You’ll regularly engage with a senior-level security expert from JANUS, but if you have a question that needs an answer we are always available.

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What We Offer

Regularly scheduled vulnerability scanning

Monthly employee cyber security awareness training and testing

Review existing security policies and supply any missing security policies

Regularly scheduled phishing exercises

Incident response planning

Dark web monitoring for compromised information

Internal and external penetration testing

Monthly 30-minute conversations with your JANUS cyber security specialist to review activities and prioritize the next steps

The Cyber Security Fox May Already Be in Your Henhouse

Many small businesses rely on full-time employees, a do-it-all IT firm, or a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to handle various aspects of their IT needs including hardware and software deployment, troubleshooting, network operations, and even cyber security. If this sounds like you, then you have a cyber security fox in the henhouse.

A conflict of interest can occur when an employee or outside organization’s interests compromise judgment, decisions, or actions in the workplace. Someone who works for you may never properly test or own up to found security vulnerabilities. Doing so would be an indictment of their own shortcomings and failures. An outside IT firm or MSP suffers the same conflict of interest.

What you need is a firm that specializes only in cyber security consulting and JANUS is that firm. We don’t sell hardware, and we don’t sell software. We don’t fix broken monitors or replace a faulty mouse. We are cyber security specialists whose sole focus is improving your cyber security posture.

You and Your Insurance

Cyber insurance is a necessity in today’s risk-adverse world and facing huge claims, insurance carriers are more selective than ever. Their biggest pay-outs are often the result of a cyber incident caused by lax security within the insured organization. Having a comprehensive and verifiable cyber readiness plan will improve your chances of new policy approval or lower renewal rates. It also minimizes the risk of the denial of a claim by your carrier should a successful attack occur.

When applying for renewal or shopping for a new carrier, insurers rate your risk by asking numerous questions related to your operations and cyber security preparedness. They use your responses to decide whether they want to write your policy, and this is based on your risk profile.

Your premiums are directly related to your operational and cyber readiness. Being able to answer all their questions affirmatively and being able to supply proof of your responses is necessary to ensure you get the lowest rates. Should there be a cyber incident and you file a claim, your carrier is going to ask for proof of your cyber readiness, and without proof, the carrier will most likely reject the claim based on false statements in your application.

JANUS Small Business Complete gives you the tools needed to satisfy many of the carrier’s information requests. You will be able to supply them with written documentation attesting to:

– Regular Vulnerability Scanning
– On-going Employee Security Awareness Training & Testing
– Current Policies & Procedures
– On-going Social Engineering (Phishing) Tests and Scoring
– A Well-Crafted Incident Response Plan
– Dark Web Monitoring for Compromised Credentials
– A Yearly Comprehensive External and Internal Penetration Test
– Regularly Scheduled Consultations with a JANUS Cyber Security Professional

Having JANUS assist you with your cyber readiness will reduce the risk of your claim being denied should a cyber event ever occur. We are industry-recognized cyber security consultants with deep expertise, decades of experience, and a well-earned reputation for excellence.

Affordable Services That Make Sense
Affordable Services That Make Sense

As a small business, we understand that your budget may not support large upfront costs or a single lump-sum payment. That’s why Small Business Complete pricing is based on the size of your organization with the costs divided up into manageable payments spread over a 12-month period.

We understand how distasteful finance charges and interest fees are and that’s why there are none with our program.

Small Business Complete is a cyber security program designed with you and your organization in mind. Our goal is to help protect you by improving your cyber security posture in a way that is easily managed, doesn’t affect your daily operations, and is affordable.

Your Business Comes First.
Protect What Matters.

Proactive cyber security support is no longer optional—it’s essential.

Operating a successful small business has never been more challenging.

While the traditional pillars of success such as finances, insurance, tax management, employee retention, and strategic marketing remain crucial to any small business, a new player is now taking over the arena: cyber security.

Recent surveys indicate that cyber security has emerged as the top concern for small businesses and a successful cyber attack will wreak havoc on your operations.

Safeguard your future with tailored cyber security solutions specifically designed for small businesses.

Why JANUS Small Business Complete Is the Right Choice for You.

JANUS is the first and longest-operating cyber security firm in the nation, since 1988. We offer a tailored program catering to your business’s unique needs; we’ve served 32 federal agencies, 102+ state agencies, and 2,100+ satisfied clients.

As a small business ourselves, we understand your resource limitations and the financial impact of a full-time cyber security specialist team. Our experts have designed an efficient program to enhance your cyber security readiness without disrupting daily operations. Our clients trust us, and you can too.

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Show Your Customers That You Care – JANUS Security Assured

Your customers trust you to fulfill their requirements and safeguard their information. The JANUS Security Assured Certification Badge communicates to your customers that you are focused on securing your systems and their data.

Available in 3 stages–Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each stage speaks to your cyber security maturity. Displaying the security badge on your website tells all that you take cyber security seriously.

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Show Your Customers That You Care – <span>JANUS Security Assured</span>
Your Reputation:
What is it Worth?

A recent study showed that 66% of U.S. consumers would not trust a company that falls victim to a data breach with their data, and 44% of consumers attribute cyber incidents to a company’s lack of adequate security measures.

Why do your customers or clients stay with you? Maybe it’s your products or services or maybe it’s your customer service and pricing. Regardless of the reason, it can be summed up in one word – Trust.

Your customers or clients trust you to fulfill their requirements and safeguard their information that resides on your systems.

Based on the numbers above, a ransomware attack and subsequent data exfiltration will seriously damage your business and your reputation. Is this loss of customer confidence and revenue something you can survive?

Remember, 60% of small businesses that are victims of a cyber-attack go out of business within six months.

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