Financial Services

As a financial services executive, you need no reminder that your firm is facing escalating security risks threatening the assets of both your clients and your firm. You face the challenge of defending or responding to cyber-attacks, in an environment that does not tolerate interruptions. Regulatory penalties can be levied from a loss of integrity to files and systems if you cannot demonstrate due diligence to protect your assets against attack. Every action you take may be subject to compliance audits and oversight from federal regulatory bodies, state agencies, industry associations. The relentless pressure to innovate and maintain agile IT services presents new technology with unknown security profiles in proximity with your core IT functions. As if that wasn’t enough, you know you must protect your network and users from internal threats and external actors, all of whom are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Keeping up with patches, deployment of new technology, vetting new applications, and daily maintenance are full-time jobs.

How do you handle all this, and at the same time fulfill these added requirements? You call JANUS! We can help you with individual tasks such as patch management, risk/vulnerability assessments, network re-design, or social engineering and security awareness training. We can assist you with incident response planning and business continuity planning to prepare you and minimize the downside of a worst-case scenario. Our consultants include former executives in financial services firms who have faced audits for SOX, PCI, and the FFIEC. JANUS professionals are subject matter experts in all areas of compliance including FISMA regulations, NIST, and SAS70/SSAE16, in addition to SOX, PCI, and FFIEC. We can even supply a virtual CIO or CISO to augment your current staffing level and guide your security needs.

In business since 1988, JANUS has worked with government agencies and some of the largest and most prestigious financial services commercial organizations in the nation. We continue to serve all commercial sectors including Asset Management, Banks and Credit Unions, Broker-Dealer, Insurance Carriers, Real Estate, and Specialty Financial Services. Speak with a JANUS professional today and learn how we can assist you in meeting your security and compliance goals.