Gaming, Casinos, and Entertainment

Protecting your gaming and entertainment operations requires the professional experience of JANUS.

As the security vendor to a major Tribal casino, we recently uncovered a critical vulnerability in an on-site gaming platform. This vulnerability could allow the attacker to seize control of on-the-floor gaming machines and place them in a continuous reboot loop, effectively shutting down that portion of the casino. This finding resulted in the industry leading manufacturer releasing an emergency worldwide patch.

We understand the security and compliance complexities of commercial and tribal/sovereign nation operations. Federal, state, and tribal governments mandate specific types and levels of security and privacy that an operation must adhere to. JANUS can help you meet those security and compliance goals.

JANUS Electronic Gaming Machine Vulnerability


Commercial and tribal/sovereign entities each have their own distinct challenges but in the end, it’s all about protecting your assets, your data, and your infrastructure. Regardless of its size, no business can afford a breach or not meet its compliance requirements related to security or privacy. The financial ramifications of a data loss can be huge, and the reputational damage can be crippling. JANUS subject matter experts will work with you to help you identify risks you may have, and help you minimize them. Our expertise across all areas of the gaming and entertainment sector coupled with our longevity in the industry assures you of the quality results you expect from a cybersecurity and privacy partner.

Our professionals can help you with Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, Standard and Advanced Penetration Testing, Identity Management, Application Testing, Current/Future-State Assessments, and Planning, Road Mapping, Policies and Procedures, Regulatory Compliance, Social Engineering, Security Awareness Training, and Business Resilience Planning and Testing, among other tasks.

In business since 1988, JANUS is well versed in all areas of information security and compliance. Give us a call and let us share our decades of knowledge and experience with you. Together, we can help you protect your data, infrastructure, your organization’s reputation, and your business.


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