About Us


JANUS approaches all consulting assignments as a team. Bringing a high level of expertise coupled with flexibility to ensure that client needs are met. Our staff works with each client to confirm a mutual understanding of needs prior to the engagement, and then structures the assignment and tasks to meet them.

While every consulting engagement is unique, the general process for ensuring clear communication and understanding with clients includes the following:

  • Needs Assessments
  • Scope of Work Statements
  • Proposed Approaches and Methodologies
  • Statements of Expected Outcomes/Deliverables
  • Work Plans
  • Schedules
  • Progress Updates
  • Detailed Reports and/or Exit Presentations


JANUS staff members seek to optimize organizational resources and fulfill associated needs by thoroughly assessing requirements, developing appropriate recommendations, and implementing cost-effective information security/control solutions.
Clients extend their staffing capabilities without adding headcount by using JANUS personnel in both very specialized situations and general information security needs.

Examples include:

  • Implementing new technical methodologies.
  • Undertaking market research projects.
  • Due diligence for contemplated security product introduction.
  • Independent evaluation of vendor proposals.
  • Structuring risk management programs and administering them.


One of our founding partners, Patricia A. P. Fisher, now leads JANUS as our President and CEO. A 30+ year veteran in the field, Ms. Fisher has consulted with business and government organizations worldwide on security, forensics, and business recovery issues. She has made significant contributions to two books on information security, writes regularly for a variety of publications, and has been interviewed on both radio and TV on numerous occasions as an expert in the field.

With a clear vision, Ms. Fisher has embarked on a path to solidify JANUS as one of the premier companies in the country dedicated solely to information security and business recovery services



JANUS is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to recruiting, hiring, promoting, and assigning individuals to projects regardless of race, religion, age, sex, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation or veteran status. As a certified woman-owned small business, JANUS embraces the concept that all employees must have equal access to assignments, promotions and all other aspects of employment.

JANUS is committed to the concept of inclusionary employment, not because it is the law, but because this practice makes good business sense. The makeup of JANUS’ management positions clearly demonstrates its commitment to these basic principles and their translation into practice.


As consultants to large organizations with complex needs, JANUS subscribes to the very highest quality standards and keeps them foremost in its dealings with clients. JANUS believes that integrity, quality and information security all go together and cannot be separated as they are so closely aligned.

The question becomes, how does JANUS avoid losing quality in a very competitive marketplace?


Quality in the control planning process equates to results that are effective and proportional to the risk involved – no more, no less.

Thorough planning helps avoid the problem of not paying sufficient attention to quality. With the cost of inadequate performance to American business averaging 25%-30% (reprocessing, reruns, unplanned service, etc.) of total costs, this problem inflicts a great penalty. There is no better time to ensure quality than in the planning phase of any project.


JANUS staff members stress in their daily work the precepts of review, checking and audit, not only for clients, but also for themselves. They preach prevention and assist each other in reviewing/checking tasks. All deliverables are reviewed for quality of technical thought as well as for readability before they reach the client’s desk. Quality is a serious component of the work at JANUS.




At JANUS, staff is proud to work in an environment where each employee is a highly valued member of the team. Therefore, each individual has opinions that are valued and not simply shrugged off as the ruminations of inexperience. As a result of this openness, an environment has been nurtured in which employees feel they are free to speak up and challenge the status quo. This has become a tremendous asset for the Company.


Implicit Trust… Since 1988, JANUS Associates has served some of the most respected and prestigious organizations in the nation. Our clients trust us implicitly to handle their assignments in a professional and cost-effective manner. JANUS clients encompass all government sectors and we have engaged with 32 federal agencies, numerous Tribal Nations, state, municipal, and critical infrastructure entities. JANUS Associates has also served some of the best-known Fortune 1000 companies in addition to hundreds of mid-sized and small businesses, K-12 and Higher Education institutions, and Nonprofits. Speak with us to learn more and discover why so many professionals trust JANUS Associates for their cybersecurity and regulatory compliance solutions.



Sustainability and a commitment to making the world a better place today and in the future

JANUS is committed to the reduction of waste and the conservation of natural resources through a comprehensive plan of energy use reduction, recycling, and company policies that encourages the use of green materials and minimizes the use of materials and technology that adds to pollution.


As the nation’s first and oldest independent IT Security consultancy, JANUS is a company founded on the principals of leading the way.

Today JANUS is a leader in Business Sustainability within our industry. We believe that it is critical to reduce waste and protect the environment for this and future generations to come.

What We Are Doing

JANUS has focused on every aspect of our operations in order to make a positive and measurable impact.  Please feel free to request a copy of our environmental policy.