Data Forensics & eDiscovery

The theft of confidential information is a very real problem that often occurs due to disgruntled employees, an employee leaving to go to a competitor, or as a result of corporate espionage.

Your information is your organization’s lifeblood and is valuable to others including cybercriminals and competitors. HR records, client lists, marketing plans, emails, and intellectual property are valuable assets that are often taken for personal use or stolen to be monetized.

Sometimes the data is copied or sent out by email, other times information is deleted, or attempts are made to cover the illicit activity. JANUS can help you find the key pieces of digital evidence that someone else may have attempted to hide, tamper, or destroy.



What is Data Forensics?

Data forensics is a complex process that accurately investigates events or activities on computer systems while maintaining the total integrity of the data contained in that system. JANUS’ specially trained personnel, custom-designed forensics platforms, and court-accepted methodologies are utilized throughout the process.

A strong chain of custody for all evidence materials and the creation of mirror images of data sources are some of the initial steps in this process. The fundamental questions of if something occurred, who did what, when did it happen, and how was it accomplished are asked and answered.


JANUS’ data forensic professionals can assist you by:

  • Preserving the integrity and admissibility of evidence with best practices chain of custody protocols, and mirror imaging technology.
  • Recovering data lost due to hardware and/or software malfunction or by attempted deliberate destruction.
  • Cracking passwords, protected or encrypted files.
  • Recreating computer events in chronological sequence to demonstrate possible motive and intent.
  • Providing your organization with court-admissible information should prosecution be necessary.



4 Steps to JANUS Data Forensics Engagement

This methodology assures you of accurate, legal court-admissible results.

1. Consulting

A JANUS data forensic engagement begins with technical consulting to ascertain specifically what services your investigation requires and to define what we will deliver.

2. Data Collection

JANUS professionals will perform a collection of the data at your site or ours. Your data is handled in a secure manner and proper chain of custody procedures are observed and documented at all times. 

3. Forensic Recovery and Data Analysis

JANUS data forensic professionals utilize industry-leading data recovery and analysis hardware and software to help access and restore and analyze data that may have been purposely tampered with, deleted, or exfiltrated. Our engineers analyze the data using court-approved methods and technology to uncover information related to your investigation.

4. Results and Reporting

When the forensic analysis is complete, JANUS provides you with the results of the investigation in a form that meets your specific needs.

Rely on JANUS when you need to find out who, what, when, where, and how computer-related conduct may have affected your operations. Contact Chris Kniffin, Corporate Director, to discuss your needs and learn how JANUS can help protect your operations.