Sophos Intercept X

You have a choice to make. You can take your chances and wait for an unchecked ransomware attack to cripple your operations, or you can shut down ransomware when it attacks.  Intercept X is the answer to shutting down an attack before it propagates enterprise-wide.  It really works!

Sophos Intercept X is cost-effective software that stops ransomware attacks before they can do major damage.  It does this by seizing control of the encryption process at the operating system level and shutting down the process.  It even creates shadow copies of any files affected so you can restore them.  The root cause analysis tool tells you who, what, and when it happened, how it got in, and what you should do next. The visualizer shows you the life of the attack, and the remediation technology in Sophos Clean hunts down file remnants and registry entries protecting you from reinfection.

Does it really work?  In a word – Yes!  It is so effective when properly deployed that there are no known instances of a successful attack getting past it.  Intercept X works as a stand-alone product and is compatible with major endpoint products from other vendors.  This means that you don’t have to scrap your existing AV/Malware solutions.  Click To Learn More

Here is what users say:

Ransomware attack stopped with no downtime
IT Manager in the Government Industry

Wish we purchased it earlier
IT Manager in the Construction Industry

Simple but powerful tool makes securing the endpoint a no brainer
— IT Security Analyst in the Finance Industry

Sophos makes financial and security sense
— VP of Information Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

Sophos Intercept X is easy to deploy, and easy on the budget, too.  It can cost as little as $17.76 a seat on a yearly basis.

Click on the link below to connect with a JANUS security professional.  Find out why deploying Sophos Intercept X throughout your Enterprise may be one of the wisest business decisions you could ever make.  We can even provide you with a free fully functional copy so you can see for yourself how Intercept X from Sophos can protect you and your Enterprise from a ransomware attack.