You focus on your business, and we’ll help manage your cyber security

Managing and growing a business in today’s climate is a full-time challenge for even the most skilled business person. Keeping up with the daily requirements of sales, marketing, payroll, filings, compliance and HR leaves little time to think about cyber security. Even if you have full-time IT personnel, they are probably busy keeping the infrastructure running and responding to requests for assistance.

Today’s adverse environment requires cyber security at a professional level and that’s where JANUS SMB Cyber Security Services can make the difference. Our cost-effective service portfolio can help you protect your business and data from hackers and ransomware. With JANUS tools, answer some simple questions to create meaningful policies and procedures that will enhance your cyber security and operations compliance requirements. Vulnerability scanning will identify weaknesses such as unpatched systems. This, in turn, will allow you to focus on implementing corrections, not needing to look for problems, and well before they are exploited. Need some additional hands-on? JANUS security professionals are ready to assist you.

JANUS offers a 2-level program that allows you to choose the best solution for your operation and budget. Level A consists of a set of the 8 basic Policies & Procedures that you need, twice-yearly vulnerability scans to help detect potential avenues of attack and weakness in your network security, and a yearly Phishing test to help determine how well your employees might be able to withstand ransomware and hacking attacks.

Level B includes all of the above with monthly vulnerability scans, aggregated security alerts via email, twice-yearly security training webinars, and Q&A access to our security professionals.

We understand that small and medium sized businesses need an affordable solution for their cybersecurity challenges and below are 7 reasons why you should consider JANUS as your cyber security solution provider:

  1. Budgets: Businesses may have a hard time justifying the salary and overhead of additional full-time, permanent employees. JANUS can meet budget limitations by significantly reducing costs no matter what part of the Country you are in.
    Skills: There exists a significant skills gap between increasingly sophisticated hackers and the average technical employee. We bring a team approach to every client. You have access to specialists for your cyber operations.
    Staffing: It is often difficult for organizations to identify and hire senior cyber talent for full-time positions as a result of not enough trained candidates. There is far more value to you in retaining part-time JANUS subject matter experts for these services.
    Industry Knowledge: JANUS consultants have experience across all business verticals. Furthermore, JANUS incorporates a team of experienced consultants with a wide range of security expertise, from network segmentation to policy generation. We bring a team of experts that possesses skills across all areas and these skills can be available within days versus the time it might take you to ramp up an internal team. In addition, through our team approach, you have access to a variety of skills, not simply those of the one security person your budget might allow.
    Risk Mitigation: Clients, vendors, regulators and insurers are seeking business relationships with companies having a security officer and a fully vetted security plan. JANUS can help you simplify risk management, improve client relations, and may possibly reduce your insurance rates.
    Enhancing Your Organization’s Security Capabilities: The JANUS team approach allows you focus on your core business activities while we address areas of potential risk. Our focused professionals will help you rest easier knowing that you have done all you can to reduce your business risks, protect your data and infrastructure, and best serve your vendors and clients.
    Governance Risk Management Compliance (GRC): Financial, healthcare, public sector and E-commerce entities are facing increasing compliance regulations that are meant to ensure customers’ privacy and security. JANUS can help you establish the correct standards for your business type and help you avoid penalties, bad press, or worse.

Our 30+ years experience in the industry and our hundreds of satisfied clients is your assurance that choosing JANUS is a wise and prudent business decision.

Contact us and find out how truly affordable real cyber security can be.